Serena Loo

Serena brings over 14 years of experience in the real estate industry and has sold hundreds of homes at a wide range of price points. She has experience selling homes in many areas of Richmond, as well as northern Virginia and Maryland. She is originally from Alabama and graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Business Marketing. From first time buyers, move-up buyers, downsizers to investors, Serena believes that listening and communication is the key to exceeding the expectations of her customers. She enjoys helping customers evaluate all the options and looking at the big picture of a purchase decision. Serena originally was Kyle’s mentor in the Real Estate and New Construction industry, and her real estate experience and knowledge about the marketplace make her an essential part to this team.


We recently relocated to the Richmond, VA area due to a promotional transfer. We had a short time frame to find a home and assure we closed on time and were able to move in by the end of the year. While I was looking for homes available for sale I came across the Yeatman Group and inquired about  a property. The next day I received a call from Serena from the Yeatman Group trying to understand everything we needed in a home and our time frame. Serena was able to pair us with a realtor Lauren to help assist in our home search. During our limited 5 days to find a home with our extensive needs, Lauren prepared the days to a tee and answered all questions and concerns. Lauren provided guidance on our negotiations on our offer for the home we wanted. With her experience and tenacity we were able to net instantly $15k in equity. At the end of the day I never had to ask anyone within Yeatman to do anything 2xs. The service I received from everyone within the group was first class and all inclusive. I am so glad I inquired to Yeatman as they will have the opportunity to handle all of my future Real Estate needs. I would highly recommend them.

-Scott Derouaux

“Serena and her entire staff have been outstanding to work with. The amount of effort I have had to put into buying a house has been minimal thanks to their good work. Serena and her team all work very well together and they have all of the resources needed to complete the home buying process from  start to finish. No need to search for a company to handle this part and another company to handle that part. They have everything right there for you. They apply no pressure at any time, they are very nice and professional, they are great about checking in and keep you up to date, and just making everything work smoothly. I’m really glad I got lucky and found Serena.”
When my wife and I decided we were ready to start looking at homes, we clicked “contact me” on 6 or 7 different properties in the area. At least 5 of them called within minutes (on a Sunday), including Serena. However, none of the others that called compared to Serena’s patience, knowledge,  attitude, and professionalism. She was the sole reason that we used her realty company; but turned out that the rest of her team was just as great!

-Michael Ohlsson

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