Lauren Renschler

Lauren hails from the Midlothian area and is a graduate of Monacan High School. She completed her collegiate undergrad at James Madison University and has a Masters of Physiology from VCU. Starting from age 16, Lauren has been extremely connected and actively involved in her community having served as a volunteer EMT during and after college and participatied in a variety of other community service organizations along the way. She was a top pharmaceutical sales rep for 7 years before becoming a small business owner. Her vast experience in various fields makes Lauren a very well rounded and relatable agent. Initially a T YG customer who fell in love with the Real Estate field, she has a perspective unlike any other in the buying and selling process. She brings a tenacious pursuit for helping others and doing what’s right to work every day making her one of the team’s most successful sales producers.


Lauren helped us from the start of the process when we signed the contract to build our beautiful new home to selling our old house. Lauren understands how the market works and explained how we could sell our old house in the time frame with as much money we could get. She continued to help us  after the house was sold and we were building where many agents would take a step back until closing. She would welcome calls about anything and even be our voice when we came across issues during the building process. Although unlikely if I have to sell or buy another property she is going to be one I am going to call.

-Nic Wood

Lauren is the sweetest person and a joy to work with at The Yeatman Group. She will make your new home buying process less stressful and provide that “coming home” feel that every one wants to have during the (often) stressful new home buying/building process.

-Rachael Goodrich

“Lauren’s team sold our house in less than eight weeks. She has a great way with people and was full of helpful suggestions throughout the process. She also was very helpful in working with our builder for our new house.”
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